Apr 222012
Prada Diaper Bag

Because Every New Mommy Needs One

Kate Spade Diaper Bag @saks.com


A diaper bag should have compartments, changing pad, bottle holder and room for extra stuff. Because when you are on the go, baby will get hungry, dirty and need diaper changes too!

Below are some of the items you should have in your diaper bag:

  •  spare diapers
  • bottle
  • change of clothes
  • onesies
  • small travel box of wipes
  • burp cloths
  • formula
  • pacifier
  • wet ones

Congratulations on your bundle of joy!   One of the  essential items needed for moms and dads while towing your little one for at least the first few years is a diaper bag.  Now there are hundreds and thousands of different styles and brands that pretty much have the same functions. A lot comes in to consideration. Mainly price points and styles. Designer diaper bags can go for thousands of dollars.  You definitely need a diaper bag so there are low priced diaper bags you can pick up from babiesRus .  Or you can be more particular and go with brand names such as  petunia pickle bottom, skip hop and others to choose from.

Offering unique styles but quality and affordability makes these bags pretty practical.  These baby bags  hold functionality and style. The Good News is They are priced fairly reasonable from $100 and up. Lets face it if you want to have this diaper bag, which you will probably use for the first few years of babies life, It should be durable. If you go way too cheap, it might cost you the same amount of money.

Petunia Pickle Bottom @gotobaby.com $169.00

Skip Hop Baby Bag $70.00

Skip Hop is pretty affordable with great styles. Also makes daddy messenger bags. Or Dude Diaper Bags.

Photo from SkipHop.com


Meet Some of The Designer Diaper Bags

Juicy Couture $298.00 @saks.com

Juicy Couture Baby Bag


Hey Mommas If you choose to be a little more stylish, daring and if money is no object, then you have more options to choose from. Below I found some great looking Designer Diaper bags. You can even spot some Celebrities carrying them. Jessica Alba was spotted with the nice Prada bag displayed below that s going for over a grand. We Also saw Beyonce with a Roberto Cavalli Baby Bag.  But lets face it $1000  for a diaper bag may seem steep for most of us.

Meet some Cool  Baby Bag! Designers such as Coach, Juicy,  Kate Spade, Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Prada  and several  high end fashion designers  have included diaper bags in their lines. You can shop them online at Saks , Bloomingdales, and nordstrom. Prices can Range anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars. Yeah, I know pretty pricey for something that may even get dirty and messy.  But to some women, myself included sometimes style matters a little more.  Shhhhh!

Below are some of the popular Diaper Bags.

Here are some more Designer Bags….

Gucci Diaper Bag $990.00 @ saks.com

Gucci Diaper Bag

P R A D A   $1140.00 @ saks.com

Prada Baby Bag@ saks.com

BURBERRY $1595.00 @saks.com

Burberry Diaper Bag

Thanks for reading our blog. Feel free to share your favorite Baby Bags. Where you found them and  And tell us what you think.